The Benefits of Dental Care

They say eyes are “windows to the soul” and if that’s the case, oral health is the window to our bodies. Now with all those details ironed out, who’s afraid to go see the dentist? Let us help you overcome those fears. First, you aren’t alone! An estimated nine to 15 percent of Americans will tolerate pain and disease rather than see a dentist. That’s about 30 to 40 million people. There is nothing wrong with you!

dentistSitting in a dentist’s chair, which is pretty comfy by the way, is intimidating. You have no control and this person is a hovercraft lorded over you. And you usually can’t even talk because of fingers and instruments in your mouth. Beat this by communicating with your doctor. Talk about your fears, your personal tolerance for pain, and any past experiences that may have been traumatic to you. Ask your Robison Orthodontics dentist to talk you through each step being performed.

What is being done, how long it may take and keep you informed along each step of the way. Develop a nonverbal sign so your dentist will know if you need a break. If your doctor isn’t willing to work with you through this process, consider searching for another dentist. Here are some other suggestions:

• Take a trusted friend with you to help keep you calm, chat about anything you like,
• Carry your mp3 player and listen to music that is calming to you,
• Try relaxation practices by taking deep breaths, focusing on a picture or spot on the wall/ceiling,
• Talk about anesthesia options.

In any case, nothing is worth risking your overall health, so do what you must to get yourself into a dentist of your choice. You’ll be glad you did. You have an awesome smile!