Why Orthodontic Care is Important?

While many people recognize the importance of regularly seeing a dentist, it is not uncommon for individuals to be less familiar with the field of orthodontics. Robison Orthodontics is a clinic located in Phoenix area, AZ. Our orthodontists have gone to dental school and then have received further education and training in parts of the mouth and teeth that are out of position.

Clearly, dealing with improperly positioned teeth and jaws is a very important area. These issues can arise in anyone, but it’s often common to recognize and address these issues during adolescence or the teenage years, sometime after all baby teeth have been lost and adult teeth are fully formed and in place. However, improperly positioned teeth and jaws can also occur later in life, such as after an injury.

Addressing these issues is important to ensuring proper mouth structure. Brett Tyler Robison can assist in making these important decisions to ensure excellent health in a patient’s mouth and jaws.